Bug 15189

Summary: the tool to create private locales is described as described
Product: glibc Reporter: Christopher Yeleighton <giecrilj>
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Description Christopher Yeleighton 2013-02-24 21:47:34 UTC
Quoting 7.5 Standard Locales:

"Defining and installing named locales is normally a responsibility of the system administrator at your site (or the person who installed the GNU C library). It is also possible for the user to create private locales. All this will be discussed later when describing the tool to do so."

I would expect that "discussed later" refers to some info node, not to the FAQ [1], which also mentions the tool only in passing.  However, I was unable to find `localedef` in the info; it is not in the index of files.

Note that there is a manual page for `localedef` but that does not count as "later" either.

As a workaround, I suggest replacing the last sentence of the quoted paragraph with a reference to the manual page; the problem with that approach is that, given that `man` is non-GNU, you need to invoke `groff` directly to read manual pages in a GNU-only system, which is rather intricate and inconvenient.

Or do we mean "later" as in the future? :-P

[1] <URL: http://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/FAQ#Programs_using_libc_have_their_messages_translated.2C_but_other_behavior_is_not_localized_.28e.g._collating_order.29.3B_why.3F >