Bug 1431

Summary: delete LinuxTask.pid
Product: frysk Reporter: Andrew Cagney <cagney>
Component: generalAssignee: Andrew Cagney <cagney>
Severity: normal    
Priority: P1    
Version: unspecified   
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Bug Blocks: 1593    

Description Andrew Cagney 2005-10-06 20:01:08 UTC
LinuxTask.pid is redundant (and dangerous), code can instead extract the task id
from Task.id.

Dangerous?  It is only initialized after Task.Task has finished, and that is
after the task observers are called.
Comment 1 Andrew Cagney 2005-10-06 20:28:07 UTC
2005-10-06  Andrew Cagney  <cagney@redhat.com>

        * Task.java: Replace getPid with getTid.  Make getTid, and
        getTaskId final.
        * LinuxTask.java: Delete "pid", "addMemoryAndRegisters", and
        "ptraceAttached".  Use getTid.
        * I386Linux.java, ProcState.java, LinuxProc.java: Update.

2005-10-06  Andrew Cagney  <cagney@redhat.com>

        * ThreadMenu.java, ProcDataModel.java, EventLogger.java: For
        tasks, use getTid instead of getPid.

Comment 2 Andrew Cagney 2005-10-06 20:28:24 UTC
all deleted