Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows

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Component Default Assignee
Cygwin Applications Reini Urban
Issues with applications distributed in the cygwin release. DO NOT enter problems with programs not distributed in the standard release. This should be basically a staging area since all of the packages in the cygwin release come from some upstream source and this source should be notified of any potential problems as soon as they are recognized on Cygwin.
Cygwin DLL cygwin-bugzilla
For issues associated with the Cygwin DLL.
Cygwin support utilities cygwin-bugzilla
This is the category for reporting issues with utilities distributed with the Cygwin DLL: cygcheck cygpath dumper getfacl ipcrm ipcs kill mkgroup mkpasswd mount passwd ps regtool setfacl ssp strace umount
Cygwin/X Yaakov Selkowitz
Issues dealing with the core implementation of X for Cygwin
setup.exe cygwin-apps
Issues with cygwin's setup utility