It is re-appeared because our C++11 software was building correctly 2 week ago. Of the files indicated by the error message, only features.h and mathcalls.h were changed between when our code compiled and now. It is the exact same error message (except for mentioning some of our source files) as the bug. I also looked at the contents of mathcalls.h and found that it does not have the changes indicated in the attachment in the bug report. But, prior to May 26 it must have had those deltas since the code compiled.

Of the files failing to compile, only the GCC files have changed. (The actually failing source code is included doubly indirectly via the PCL library, so most files not using PCL still compile correctly).

Applying individual patches to my personal machine is certainly possible, but this would not deal with installing our development environment on the machines for new developers. Because of the large number of 3rd-party libraries we depend on, we are using an automated mechanism to install a new development environment.

Also, we do not wish to upgrade from gcc 4.8 at this time, so I have to ask, are these patches applicable to version 4.8?

From:        "adhemerval.zanella at linaro dot org" <>
Date:        06/02/2016 05:29 PM
Subject:        [Bug math/19439] Unix98 isinf and isnan functions conflict with C++11

--- Comment #14 from Adhemerval Zanella <adhemerval.zanella at linaro dot org> ---
What do you mean by 'reappeared'? Are you trying to build a C++11 program
against GLIBC master and failing due the same issue described on bug?

From your comment I infer that what you have updated were only GCC, so it is
still using the distro header. You will need to update your system GLIBC to
contains both d9b965f and 3c47c83 commits.

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