> If this is indeed what's correct for these languages / what people living there
> prefer then it's okay for me. I'm just hoping that the kinda de-facto standard
> en_US will stay with forward diacrits. I _guess_ Spanish is more frequently
> used there than French, plus again, I can't imagine how anyone ever could have
> come up with this braindamaged idea of backward diacrit sorting so I'd
> personally prefer en_US not to have this craziness :-)

the kind of defacto i18n locale has forward diacrits. i18n is the standard locale of ISO TR 30112.
I think both Spanish and German needs forward diacrits, and Spanish being a bigger
language than French would give that we should use forward diacrit as the default.

Don't forget that the conquistadores brought Spanish orthograohy to many of the indigenous languages of the Americas as well, small in Intenet footprint and speaker count, large in language count.