9.47.3 TIC6X Directives

Directives controlling the set of instructions accepted by the assembler have effect for instructions between the directive and any subsequent directive overriding it.

.arch arch

This has the same effect as -march=arch.


Prevents unwinding through the current function. No personality routine or exception table data is required or permitted.

If this is not specified then frame unwinding information will be constructed from CFI directives. see CFI directives.

.c6xabi_attribute tag, value

Set the C6000 EABI build attribute tag to value.

The tag is either an attribute number or one of Tag_ISA, Tag_ABI_wchar_t, Tag_ABI_stack_align_needed, Tag_ABI_stack_align_preserved, Tag_ABI_DSBT, Tag_ABI_PID, Tag_ABI_PIC, TAG_ABI_array_object_alignment, TAG_ABI_array_object_align_expected, Tag_ABI_compatibility and Tag_ABI_conformance. The value is either a number, "string", or number, "string" depending on the tag.

.ehtype symbol

Output an exception type table reference to symbol.


Marks the end of and exception table or function. If preceded by a .handlerdata directive then this also switched back to the previous text section.


Marks the end of the current function, and the start of the exception table entry for that function. Anything between this directive and the .endp directive will be added to the exception table entry.

Must be preceded by a CFI block containing a .cfi_lsda directive.


Disallow use of C64x+ compact instructions in the current text section.

.personalityindex index

Sets the personality routine for the current function to the ABI specified compact routine number index

.personality name

Sets the personality routine for the current function to name.

.scomm symbol, size, align

Like .comm, creating a common symbol symbol with size size and alignment align, but unlike when using .comm, this symbol will be placed into the small BSS section by the linker.