7.94 .string "str", .string8 "str", .string16

"str", .string32 "str", .string64 "str"

Copy the characters in str to the object file. You may specify more than one string to copy, separated by commas. Unless otherwise specified for a particular machine, the assembler marks the end of each string with a 0 byte. You can use any of the escape sequences described in Strings.

The variants string16, string32 and string64 differ from the string pseudo opcode in that each 8-bit character from str is copied and expanded to 16, 32 or 64 bits respectively. The expanded characters are stored in target endianness byte order.


	.string32 "BYE"
expands to:
	.string   "B\0\0\0Y\0\0\0E\0\0\0"  /* On little endian targets.  */
	.string   "\0\0\0B\0\0\0Y\0\0\0E"  /* On big endian targets.  */