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9.43.1 Options

-isa=sh4 | sh4a

Specify the sh4 or sh4a instruction set.


Enable sh-dsp insns, and disable sh3e / sh4 insns.


Enable sh2e, sh3e, sh4, and sh4a insn sets.


Enable sh1, sh2, sh2e, sh3, sh3e, sh4, sh4a, and sh-dsp insn sets.

-isa=shmedia | -isa=shcompact

Specify the default instruction set. SHmedia specifies the 32-bit opcodes, and SHcompact specifies the 16-bit opcodes compatible with previous SH families. The default depends on the ABI selected; the default for the 64-bit ABI is SHmedia, and the default for the 32-bit ABI is SHcompact. If neither the ABI nor the ISA is specified, the default is 32-bit SHcompact.

Note that the .mode pseudo-op is not permitted if the ISA is not specified on the command line.

-abi=32 | -abi=64

Specify the default ABI. If the ISA is specified and the ABI is not, the default ABI depends on the ISA, with SHmedia defaulting to 64-bit and SHcompact defaulting to 32-bit.

Note that the .abi pseudo-op is not permitted if the ABI is not specified on the command line. When the ABI is specified on the command line, any .abi pseudo-ops in the source must match it.


Emit code-range descriptors for constants in SHcompact code sections.


Disallow SHmedia code in the same section as constants and SHcompact code.


Do not expand MOVI, PT, PTA or PTB instructions.


With -abi=64, expand PT, PTA and PTB instructions to 32 bits only.


Support H’00 style hex constants in addition to 0x00 style.

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