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9.1.2 Architecture Extensions

The table below lists the permitted architecture extensions that are supported by the assembler and the conditions under which they are automatically enabled.

Multiple extensions may be specified, separated by a +. Extension mnemonics may also be removed from those the assembler accepts. This is done by prepending no to the option that adds the extension. Extensions that are removed must be listed after all extensions that have been added.

Enabling an extension that requires other extensions will automatically cause those extensions to be enabled. Similarly, disabling an extension that is required by other extensions will automatically cause those extensions to be disabled.

ExtensionMinimum ArchitectureEnabled by defaultDescription
compnumARMv8.2-AARMv8.3-A or laterEnable the complex number SIMD extensions. This implies fp16 and simd.
crcARMv8-AARMv8.1-A or laterEnable CRC instructions.
cryptoARMv8-ANoEnable cryptographic extensions. This implies fp and simd.
fpARMv8-AARMv8-A or laterEnable floating-point extensions.
fp16ARMv8.2-AARMv8.2-A or laterEnable ARMv8.2 16-bit floating-point support. This implies fp.
lorARMv8-AARMv8.1-A or laterEnable Limited Ordering Regions extensions.
lseARMv8-AARMv8.1-A or laterEnable Large System extensions.
panARMv8-AARMv8.1-A or laterEnable Privileged Access Never support.
profileARMv8.2-ANoEnable statistical profiling extensions.
rasARMv8-AARMv8.2-A or laterEnable the Reliability, Availability and Serviceability extension.
rcpcARMv8.2-AARMv8.3-A or laterEnable the weak release consistency extension.
rdmaARMv8-AARMv8.1-A or laterEnable ARMv8.1 Advanced SIMD extensions. This implies simd.
simdARMv8-AARMv8-A or laterEnable Advanced SIMD extensions. This implies fp.
sveARMv8.2-ANoEnable the Scalable Vector Extensions. This implies fp16, simd and compnum.
dotprodARMv8.2-ANoEnable the Dot Product extension. This implies simd.

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