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9.38.1 Options

The Zilog Z80 and Ascii R800 version of as have a few machine dependent options.

Produce code for the Z80 processor. There are additional options to request warnings and error messages for undocumented instructions.
Silently assemble undocumented Z80-instructions that have been adopted as documented R800-instructions.
Silently assemble all undocumented Z80-instructions.
Issue warnings for undocumented Z80-instructions that work on R800, do not assemble other undocumented instructions without warning.
Issue warnings for other undocumented Z80-instructions, do not treat any undocumented instructions as errors.
Treat all undocumented z80-instructions as errors.
Treat undocumented z80-instructions that do not work on R800 as errors.

Produce code for the R800 processor. The assembler does not support undocumented instructions for the R800. In line with common practice, as uses Z80 instruction names for the R800 processor, as far as they exist.