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The D10V version of as uses the instruction names in the D10V Architecture Manual. However, the names in the manual are sometimes ambiguous. There are instruction names that can assemble to a short or long form opcode. How does the assembler pick the correct form? as will always pick the smallest form if it can. When dealing with a symbol that is not defined yet when a line is being assembled, it will always use the long form. If you need to force the assembler to use either the short or long form of the instruction, you can append either `.s' (short) or `.l' (long) to it. For example, if you are writing an assembly program and you want to do a branch to a symbol that is defined later in your program, you can write `bra.s foo'. Objdump and GDB will always append `.s' or `.l' to instructions which have both short and long forms.