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9.7.2 Instruction expansion

as will silently choose an instruction that fits the operand size for `[register+constant]' operands. For example, the offset 127 in move.d [r3+127],r4 fits in an instruction using a signed-byte offset. Similarly, move.d [r2+32767],r1 will generate an instruction using a 16-bit offset. For symbolic expressions and constants that do not fit in 16 bits including the sign bit, a 32-bit offset is generated.

For branches, as will expand from a 16-bit branch instruction into a sequence of instructions that can reach a full 32-bit address. Since this does not correspond to a single instruction, such expansions can optionally be warned about. See CRIS-Opts.

If the operand is found to fit the range, a lapc mnemonic will translate to a lapcq instruction. Use lapc.d to force the 32-bit lapc instruction.

Similarly, the addo mnemonic will translate to the shortest fitting instruction of addoq, addo.w and addo.d, when used with a operand that is a constant known at assembly time.