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9.5.1 Options

This option specifies the target processor. The optional sirevision is not used in assembler. It's here such that GCC can easily pass down its -mcpu= option. The assembler will issue an error message if an attempt is made to assemble an instruction which will not execute on the target processor. The following processor names are recognized: bf504, bf506, bf512, bf514, bf516, bf518, bf522, bf523, bf524, bf525, bf526, bf527, bf531, bf532, bf533, bf534, bf535 (not implemented yet), bf536, bf537, bf538, bf539, bf542, bf542m, bf544, bf544m, bf547, bf547m, bf548, bf548m, bf549, bf549m, bf561, and bf592.

Assemble for the FDPIC ABI.

Disable -mfdpic.