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7.4 .altmacro

Enable alternate macro mode, enabling:

LOCAL name [ , ... ]
One additional directive, LOCAL, is available. It is used to generate a string replacement for each of the name arguments, and replace any instances of name in each macro expansion. The replacement string is unique in the assembly, and different for each separate macro expansion. LOCAL allows you to write macros that define symbols, without fear of conflict between separate macro expansions.
String delimiters
You can write strings delimited in these other ways besides "string":
You can delimit strings with single-quote characters.
You can delimit strings with matching angle brackets.

single-character string escape
To include any single character literally in a string (even if the character would otherwise have some special meaning), you can prefix the character with `!' (an exclamation mark). For example, you can write `<4.3 !> 5.4!!>' to get the literal text `4.3 > 5.4!'.
Expression results as strings
You can write `%expr' to evaluate the expression expr and use the result as a string.