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9.1.2 Options

This option specifies the target processor. If an attempt is made to assemble an instruction which will not execute on the target processor, the assembler may either expand the instruction as a macro or issue an error message. This option is equivalent to the .arch directive.

The following processor names are recognized: 21064, 21064a, 21066, 21068, 21164, 21164a, 21164pc, 21264, 21264a, 21264b, ev4, ev5, lca45, ev5, ev56, pca56, ev6, ev67, ev68. The special name all may be used to allow the assembler to accept instructions valid for any Alpha processor.

In order to support existing practice in OSF/1 with respect to .arch, and existing practice within MILO (the Linux ARC bootloader), the numbered processor names (e.g. 21064) enable the processor-specific PALcode instructions, while the “electro-vlasic” names (e.g. ev4) do not.

Enables or disables the generation of .mdebug encapsulation for stabs directives and procedure descriptors. The default is to automatically enable .mdebug when the first stabs directive is seen.

This option forces all relocations to be put into the object file, instead of saving space and resolving some relocations at assembly time. Note that this option does not propagate all symbol arithmetic into the object file, because not all symbol arithmetic can be represented. However, the option can still be useful in specific applications.

Enables or disables the optimization of procedure calls, both at assemblage and at link time. These options are only available for VMS targets and -replace is the default. See section 1.4.1 of the OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual.

This option is used when the compiler generates debug information. When gcc is using mips-tfile to generate debug information for ECOFF, local labels must be passed through to the object file. Otherwise this option has no effect.

A local common symbol larger than size is placed in .bss, while smaller symbols are placed in .sbss.

These options are ignored for backward compatibility.