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You can use the predefined symbols r0 through r63 to refer to the SH64 general registers, cr0 through cr63 for control registers, tr0 through tr7 for target address registers, fr0 through fr63 for single-precision floating point registers, dr0 through dr62 (even numbered registers only) for double-precision floating point registers, fv0 through fv60 (multiples of four only) for single-precision floating point vectors, fp0 through fp62 (even numbered registers only) for single-precision floating point pairs, mtrx0 through mtrx48 (multiples of 16 only) for 4x4 matrices of single-precision floating point registers, pc for the program counter, and fpscr for the floating point status and control register.

You can also refer to the control registers by the mnemonics sr, ssr, pssr, intevt, expevt, pexpevt, tra, spc, pspc, resvec, vbr, tea, dcr, kcr0, kcr1, ctc, and usr.