This page features recent screenshots.

The Ancient Near East game, with 7.3.2 on Unix:
[ane] [ane-close] [ane-world]

Screenshots from the first turn of the Northwest Europe Campaign game (aka D-Day and the liberation of France) running with the 7.2.97 snapshot:
[Thumb 2000-04-26] [Thumb 2000-04-26 a]
For some reason, the Big Red One (aka the US 1st division) didn't get off the boat, while the 2nd division is already in possession of Omaha Beach! Meanwhile, the British, seeing a coastal defense division on their beaches, wisely shifted to land at Deauville, and the Guards were easily able to come in by the back door and capture an undefended Caen. An auspicious beginning, but if the Germans bring up their reserves, our little invasion force will have a hard time getting out to the open terrain of central France; on top of that, the other screen shot shows the formidable defense waiting on the borders of Germany...

More views of the Northwest Europe campaign, showing different magnifications available:

A screenshot from the Civilization II emulation module running with the latest sources as of December 1999. Note the new display of resource usage within the city radius.
[Thumb 1999-12-14]

In honor of Veterans Day (USA), November 1999; a screenshot from the development version, showing the American army moving to capture Cherbourg, June 1944. This is from the battalion-level game Fall of Cherbourg.
[Thumb 1999-11-11]