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Setup Postprocessing

Some initialization steps will be done after all synthesis methods have been run. Xconq will always do these.

Initial View

By default, each side starts out knowing only what its units can normally see at the beginning of the first turn. These parameters add to that initial view.

GlobalVariable: terrain-seen t/f

This variable is true if all the terrain of the world is known initially. Defaults to false.

UnitTypeProperty: initial-seen-radius dist

This property specifies the radius of the area seen around each of the starting units. It computes visibility of terrain (cells and borders) only. Defaults to 1 (which is a no-op if the unit's vision-range is greater than or equal to 1).

UnitTypeProperty: already-seen n%

This property is the chance to see units of this type at the beginning of the game. This applies only to units belonging to another side, and on known terrain. The effect is one-time, so if an already-seen unit changes sides later on, other players will not see the change unless they have the unit under observation for themselves. Note that see-always implies already-seen.

UnitTypeProperty: already-seen-independent n%

This property is like already-seen, but applies to independent units specifically.

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