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*** Time: Combat Through The Ages ***

This game includes 29 unit types and 10 terrain types, along with 4 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages may range from 1 to 5, defaulting to 1.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    phalanx (men with spears)
    galley (carries ground units)
    knight (men with swords and armour)
    longbowman (men with bows)
    boat (carries more stuff than a galley)
    cannon (kills infantry)
    cavalry (fast, kills cannon)
    infantry (men with guns)
    dirigible (good for reconassiance)
    battleship (hard to kill, good at killing)
    transport (easy to kill- but carries alot)
    carrier (takes airplanes where they need to go)
    fighter (kills bombers & does light bombing itself)
    armor (men in tanks)
    helicopter (carries infantry, good ground support)
    bomber (long range aircraft with nuclear bombs)
    flying saucer (men in metallic clothing)
    battledroid (self-motivated weapon)
    TraXor (the ultimate war machine)
    fort (useful as a canal & is defensible)
    base (a port and airstrip)
    Polis (can build phalanxes, galleys or it can ungrade)
    Castle (a step above ancients- hard to capture)
    City (a Napoleonic Era city- makes units with guns)
    Metropolis (a WWI era city. Battleships are killer.)
    Modern City (a WWII city- an air power era)
    Post-Modern City (a WWIII city- Nuke 'em!)
    Habitat (The future has arrived)
    Flying City (Paradise on(?) Earth & a flying party)

Terrain Types:
    sea (deep ocean)
    shallows (coastal waters and lakes)
    swamp (standing water and dense undergrowth)
    desert (dry and sandy or rocky terrain)
    plains (flat or rolling countryside or steppe)
    forest (dense forest or jungle)
    mountains (high elevation and/or rugged terrain)
    ice (permanent ice fields)

Material Types:
    food (for thought?)
    fuel (energy for a better tomorrow)
    ammo (the general's munitions)
    bombs (nuke 'em)

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