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*** Steppes ***

This game includes 13 unit types and 10 terrain types, along with 2 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages may range from 1 to 15, defaulting to 1.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    infantry (marches around and captures things)
    armor (faster than infantry, limited to open terrain)
    fighter (interceptor to get those nasty bombers)
    bomber (long range aircraft, carries infantry and bombs)
    destroyer (fast, cheap, and sinks subs)
    submarine (sneaks around and sinks ships)
    troop transport (carries infantry and armor across the pond)
    carrier (carries fighters and bombers around)
    battleship (the most powerful ship)
    nuclear bomb (leveler of cities (and anything else))
    base (airbase plus port)
    town (smaller than a city)
    city (capital of a side)

Terrain Types:
    sea (deep ocean)
    shallows (coastal waters and lakes)
    swamp (standing water and dense undergrowth)
    desert (dry and sandy or rocky terrain)
    plains (flat or rolling countryside or steppe)
    forest (dense forest or jungle)
    mountains (high elevation and/or rugged terrain)
    ice (permanent ice fields)

Material Types:
    fuel (basic supply that all units need)
    ammo (generic supply used in combat)

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