Flame Arrow

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----- Produces traits and such -----

Point Value: 1

Side Attributes:

Actions and Action Points (ACP):
    Receives basic allotment of 5 new ACP per turn.

Movement, Movement Points (MP), and Speeds (MP/ACP Ratios):
    Is always immobile.

Hit Points (HP): 1.    Recovers by 1 HP each turn.
Construction points (CP): 3.

Can fire (1 ACP), at ranges up to 3.
Hit chances are 0% vs all unit types.
Hit chances if firing are 0% by default, 50% vs Poltergeist, Ghouls, Skeletons, Vampyres, Seekers, Lich, Minor Earth Elemental, Crebain, Leviathan, Minor Fire Elemental, Fire Elemental, Major Fire Elemental, Gévaudan, The Ordros, Lesser Spirits, Spirits, Greater Spirit, Guardian, Minor Air Elemental, Air Elemental, Major Air Elemental, Phantom Beast, Phantom Warriors, 75% vs Talon, Spawn, Scout, Imperial Gladiator, Longbowman, Crusaders, Assassins, Steam Cannon, Dervish, Loreweaver, Crocadilion, Veld, Gibambi, Churambi, Ulitar, 80% vs Cutter, Whaler, Plesiosaur, Devil's Mold, Giant Squid, Tentacle of Thurastes, Strange Mold, Tsunami, 90% vs Tyrannosaur, Apatosaur, Pterodactyl, Wolves, Bears, Ferak, Royal Ferak, 85% vs Swordsmen, Halberdier, Bowmen, Cavalry, Engineers, Catapult, Mage, 70% vs Axehead, Bospallian, Dajaspec Sea Monster, Thurastes, 35% vs Great Wyrm, Wyrm, Young Dragon, 60% vs Slavemaster, Sorcerer.
Damage is 0 vs all unit types.
Damage if firing is 2d8 vs all unit types.
Can capture (ACP 0 vs all unit types).
Chance to capture: 0% by default, 100% vs Sorcery Node, Fish, Gold Mine, Iron Mine, Quarry, Groves.
Combat never reduces defender's HP below 0 by default, 1 vs Fallen City, Razed Village, Fallen Keep, Fallen Citadel, Ruins, Dinosaur Breeding Ground, Saurian Breeding Ground, Heart of the Forest, Heart of the Jungle, Heart of the Sulspec, Heart of the Glaspec, Heart of the Hoespec, Heart of the Dajaspec, Earth Node, Sorcery Node, Chaos Node, Life Node, Death Node, Ancient Temple, Fish, Gold Mine, Iron Mine, Quarry, Groves.
Combat effectiveness as occupant is 0% in all unit types.
Chance to retreat from combat is 0% by default, 50% vs Orcspawn Spearmen, Ferak, 25% vs Royal Ferak.

0% chance to be seen at outset of game.
0% chance to be seen at outset of game if independent.
Not always seen even if terrain has been seen.
Occupants not seen even if unit has been seen.

Material Handling:
    Gold (none)
    Wood (none)
    Stone (none)
    Mana, 2 basic consumption, 10 used in creation
    Study (none)
    Industry (none)
    Corpses (none)
    X, 1 storage (1 at start of game), 1 basic consumption

Required advances to build: Flame Arrows (100).

Fate if side loses: 100% chance to vanish.

AI Attributes:
    Requires >= 30 accessible, liquid cells to build naval units.
    Requests a total wartime garrison of 1 units.
    Range within which enemies will cause an alert is 6.
    Basic tactical computation range is 12.

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