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Generic unit capacity is 100.
mud coats, depths 0 up to 1snow coats, depths 0 up to 1

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.
King:4 Usurper:4 Minister:4 Shogun:4 Loremaster:4 Emperor:4 Shah:4 Pharoah:4 Talon:2 Spawn:2 Jabberwocke:1 Swordsmen:4 Halberdier:4 Bowmen:4 Cavalry:4 Engineers:4 Catapult:4 Mage:4 Scout:4 Imperial Gladiator:4 Longbowman:4 Crusaders:4 Assassins:4 Steam Cannon:4 Dervish:4 Loreweaver:4 Crocadilion:2 Orcspawn Spearmen:4 Orcspawn Shaman:4 Ogre Thugs:4 Ogre Champion:4 Thuvi Irikani:4 Orc Warrior:2 Zombies:4 Spectres:4 Ghosts:1 Tyrannosaur:4 Apatosaur:4 Pterodactyl:1 Wolves:1 Bears:1 Veld:2 Gibambi:2 Churambi:2 Ulitar:2 Slavemaster:2 Sorcerer:2 Great Wyrm:1 Wyrm:1 Young Dragon:1 Deathwalker:2 Wasteland:2 Gray Breath:2 Poltergeist:1 Ghouls:4 Skeletons:4 Vampyres:1 Seekers:4 Iblis:2 Lich:4 Mountain:2 Beguile:2 Earthquake:2 Deep:2 Shallow:2 Hill:2 Plains:2 Swamp:2 Minor Earth Elemental:4 Earth Elemental:4 Major Earth Elemental:4 Crebain:1 Meteor Storm:2 Fireball:2 Minor Fire Elemental:4 Fire Elemental:4 Major Fire Elemental:4 Demon:1 Restoration:2 Lesser Spirits:1 Spirits:1 Greater Spirit:1 Guardian:1 Minor Air Elemental:1 Air Elemental:1 Major Air Elemental:1 Phantom Beast:4 Phantom Warriors:4

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
King:0 Usurper:0 Minister:0 Shogun:0 Loremaster:0 Emperor:0 Shah:0 Pharoah:0 Grey One:0 Talon:0 Spawn:0 Jabberwocke:0 Swordsmen:0 Halberdier:0 Bowmen:0 Cavalry:0 Engineers:0 Catapult:0 Mage:0 Scout:0 Imperial Gladiator:0 Longbowman:0 Crusaders:0 Assassins:0 Steam Cannon:0 Dervish:0 Loreweaver:0 Crocadilion:0 Orcspawn Spearmen:0 Orcspawn Shaman:0 Ogre Thugs:0 Ogre Champion:0 Cutter:0 Whaler:0 Thuvi Irikani:0 Orc Warrior:0 Fallen City:0 Razed Village:0 Fallen Keep:0 Fallen Citadel:0 Ruins:0 Zombies:0 Spectres:0 Ghosts:0 Tyrannosaur:0 Apatosaur:0 Pterodactyl:0 Plesiosaur:0 Pelts:0 Wolves:0 Bears:0 Ferak:0 Royal Ferak:0 Dead Axehead:0 Axehead:0 Dead Bospallian:0 Bospallian:0 Devil's Mold:0 Dajaspec Sea Monster:0 Veld:0 Gibambi:0 Giant Squid:0 Festering Remains of Thurastes:0 Tentacle of Thurastes:0 Churambi:0 Ulitar:0 Slavemaster:0 Sorcerer:0 Great Wyrm:0 Wyrm:0 Young Dragon:0 Fish:0 Gold Mine:0 Iron Mine:0 Quarry:0 Groves:0 Deathwalker:0 Wasteland:0 Gray Breath:0 Seance:0 Poltergeist:0 Ghouls:0 Skeletons:0 Vampyres:0 Seekers:0 Iblis:0 Lich:0 Nature's Voice:0 Tsunami:0 Mountain:0 Beguile:0 Earthquake:0 Deep:0 Shallow:0 Hill:0 Plains:0 Swamp:0 Minor Earth Elemental:0 Earth Elemental:0 Major Earth Elemental:0 Crebain:0 Leviathan:0 Chaos Canticle:0 Volcano:0 Meteor Storm:0 Fireball:0 Minor Fire Elemental:0 Fire Elemental:0 Major Fire Elemental:0 Gévaudan:0 The Ordros:0 Demon:0 Restoration:0 Doorway:0 Spirit Wall:0 Heal:0 Lesser Spirits:0 Spirits:0 Greater Spirit:0 Guardian:0 Phantom Castle:0 True Divination:0 Greater Divination:0 Divination:0 Minor Air Elemental:0 Air Elemental:0 Major Air Elemental:0 Phantom Beast:0 Phantom Warriors:0

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).

The following units vanish in this terrain.

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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