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*** Specula ***

This game includes 187 unit types and 21 terrain types, along with 8 material types, and it has 98 types of advances.
Exactly 15 sides may play.

Side advantages are fixed.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.
World terrain is already seen by all sides.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    King (King of the Aristocracy, as he goes, so goes the Aristocracy)
    Usurper (Lord of the Aristocracy Rebels)
    Minister (High councilor of the Confederacy)
    Shogun (The Shogunate incarnate)
    Loremaster (Lord of the Oni)
    Emperor (Emperor of the Iriken)
    Shah (Shah of the Bedouin)
    Pharoah (Pharoah of the City-States)
    Grey One (Mysterious lord of the Undead)
    Talon (Ruler of the Lizardmen)
    Spawn (Ruler of the Kraken)
    Jabberwocke (King of the forest)
    Swordsmen (Basic melee unit)
    Halberdier (Improved melee unit)
    Bowmen (Basic ranged unit)
    Cavalry (Basic mounted unit)
    Engineers (Capable of building and repairing fortresses)
    Catapult (Basic siege engine)
    Mage (Basic magic unit)
    Scout (Light infantry with great vision, only produced in forts)
    Imperial Gladiator (Imperial heavy infantry)
    Longbowman (Shogunate improved range unit)
    Crusaders (Loyalist heavy infantry)
    Assassins (Rebel spy and killer)
    Steam Cannon (Dwarven improved siege engine)
    Dervish (Weak bedouin mage able to be produced in smaller cities)
    Loreweaver (Oni mage that adds to RP)
    Crocadilion (Lizardmen tamer)
    Orcspawn Spearmen (Orcspawn spearmen)
    Orcspawn Shaman (Heals)
    Ogre Thugs (Big)
    Ogre Champion (Bigger)
    Cutter (Fast ship, carries two units)
    Whaler (Powerful attack, against big creatures)
    Thuvi Irikani (Descendants of Imperial rebels)
    Orc Warrior (Descendants of Imperial rebels)
    Fallen City (Still produces some material.)
    Razed Village (Still produces some material.)
    Fallen Keep (The remains of a castle, still provides some protection.)
    Fallen Citadel (The remains of a citadel, still provides some protection.)
    Ruins (Scary.)
    Watchtower (Protects 1 unit, provides excellent vision.)
    Wooden Fort (Cheap to produce.)
    Keep (Protects 3 units, provides good vision.)
    Citadel (Protects 8 units, provides excellent vision.)
    Zombies (Smelly)
    Spectres (Not too powerful in direct combat, but can create ghosts)
    Ghosts (Short-lived, difficult to destroy)
    Tyrannosaur (Extremely dangerous creature, look out!)
    Apatosaur (Very large, dangerous against fortresses and cities. Many, many hit points.)
    Pterodactyl (Flying dinosaur. Timid, runs away a lot, dangerous against small units.)
    Plesiosaur (Swimming dinosaur. Dangerous, hard to hit.)
    Pelts (Valuable furs, meat and feathers.)
    Wolves (Great vision, high movement in forests.)
    Bears (Tough against small units.)
    Ferak (Eyebird.)
    Royal Ferak (Big, armored, eyebird.)
    Dead Axehead (Dead, huge, dangerous fish.)
    Axehead (Huge, dangerous fish.)
    Dead Bospallian (Dead, huge, dangerous fish.)
    Bospallian (Huge, not so dangerous fish.)
    Devil's Mold (Killer sludge that's slow and almost impossible to kill.)
    Dajaspec Sea Monster (???)
    Veld (One mean turtle.)
    Gibambi (Tough little jerks.)
    Giant Squid (A lot of little attacks)
    Festering Remains of Thurastes (That's impossible!!!)
    Thurastes (Really, really hard to kill. And mean.)
    Tentacle of Thurastes (One big attack per turn.)
    Churambi (Tougher, littler jerks.)
    Ulitar (Weird umber hulk looking thing, sometimes with sludge.)
    Strange Mold (Occasionally carried by an Ulitar, can capture creatures.)
    Slavemaster (Kraken Slavemaster.)
    Sorcerer (Kraken Sorcerer)
    Great Wyrm (The most powerful dragon.)
    Wyrm (Several hundred years old.)
    Young Dragon (Still dangerous.)
    Small City (Small city.)
    City (City.)
    Large City (Large city.)
    Huge City (Huge city.)
    Walled Small City (Small city, with a wall.)
    Walled City (City, with a wall.)
    Walled Large City (Large city, with a wall.)
    Walled Huge City (Huge city, with a wall.)
    Township (A town.)
    Seaside Village (A town.)
    Orcspawn Hamlet (A little hamlet that produces wimps.)
    Ogre Village (A big village that produces thugs.)
    Dead City (It's haunted. Cannot be captured, can only be destroyed by some Life spell and maybe a nature spell.)
    Dragon's Lair (Produces young dragons very slowly.)
    Kraken Pit (Produces Kraken.)
    Dinosaur Breeding Ground (Produces dinosaurs. Cannot be captured.)
    Saurian Breeding Ground (Produces dinosaurs. Cannot be captured.)
    Heart of the Forest (Produces wolves and bears. Cannot be captured.)
    Heart of the Jungle (Produces Ferak and Royal Ferak. Cannot be captured.)
    Heart of the Sulspec (Produces Giant Squid and Gibambi.)
    Heart of the Glaspec (Produces Bospallian and Axehead.)
    Heart of the Hoespec (Produces Churambi and Ulitars.)
    Heart of the Dajaspec (Produces Daja Turtles and Daja Wyrms.)
    The Needle (Opal is known as the pincushion of the gods.)
    Earth Node (Produces Earth Mana.)
    Sorcery Node (Produces Sorcery Mana.)
    Chaos Node (Produces Chaos Mana.)
    Life Node (Produces Life Mana.)
    Death Node (Produces Death Mana.)
    Ancient Temple (Provides research)
    Fish (Produces gold and anvils.)
    Gold Mine (Produces gold.)
    Iron Mine (Produces iron.)
    Quarry (Produces stone.)
    Groves (Produces wood.)
    Power Word, Kill (Produces traits and such)
    Deathwalker (Produces traits and such)
    Wasteland (Produces traits and such)
    Labrynthine Riddle (Produces traits and such)
    Gray Breath (Produces traits and such)
    Seance (Produces traits and such)
    Poltergeist (Used to take control of resource centers and ruins)
    Bone Arrows (Moderate Damage)
    Deathtap (Provides death mana)
    Ghouls (Mean)
    Skeletons (Brittle)
    Vampyres (Regenerates quickly, most powerful undead unit)
    Seekers (Animated, severed hands.)
    Iblis (Learn from Ad Avis)
    Lich (Undead magician)
    Nature's Voice (Knowledge of the entire world)
    Tsunami (Monster wave)
    Mountain (Change terrain into mountain)
    Beguile (Charm many things)
    Earthquake (Damages units and cities in a wide area)
    Deep (Produces traits and such)
    Shallow (Changes deep water to shallow.)
    Oceanic Charm (Take control of sea creatures)
    Hill (Produces traits and such)
    Plains (Produces traits and such)
    Swamp (Produces traits and such)
    Charm Beast (Take control of beasts and birds)
    Minor Earth Elemental (Small man of mud)
    Earth Elemental (Big man of dirt)
    Major Earth Elemental (Huge man of stone)
    Crebain (Spies)
    Leviathan (Enormous creature)
    Chaos Canticle (One shot per turn)
    Volcano (Explode each turn to cause damage and wasteland)
    Meteor Storm (Produces traits and such)
    Disintegrate (Destroys any non-leader, damages any place)
    Wall of Flames (Produces traits and such)
    Fireball (Produces traits and such)
    Flame Strike (Produces traits and such)
    Flame Arrow (Produces traits and such)
    Minor Fire Elemental (Flame)
    Fire Elemental (Sparks)
    Major Fire Elemental (Magma)
    Gévaudan (Produces traits and such)
    The Ordros (Produces traits and such)
    Demon (Produces traits and such)
    Restoration (Produces traits and such)
    Enlighten (Take control of any one creature)
    Doorway (A tower of light that produces spirits)
    Spirit Wall (Placed in empty terrain to block movement)
    Sunray (Very damaging, especially to evil units)
    Improved Heal (Produces traits and such)
    Sanctify (Used on fortresses to improve their strength)
    Bless (Used on cities to protect cities)
    Eye of Justice (Allows a watchtower to see farther)
    Bolt (Slightly damaging, moreso to evil creatures)
    Heal (Restore some hitpoints to a single unit)
    Lesser Spirits (Seraphim)
    Spirits (Cherubrim)
    Greater Spirit (Mike)
    Guardian (Protects forces around it)
    Phantom Castle (Produces phantom creatures and protects troops)
    Greater Charm (Produces traits and such)
    True Divination (Eldritch knowledge of Opal)
    Guards and Wards (Protects fortresses)
    Prismatic Wall (Guards cities and fortresses. Sometimes incredibly damaging, sometimes beguiling.)
    Greater Divination (Mystical knowledge of Opal)
    Lightning Bolt (Damaging)
    Charm (Produces traits and such)
    Divination (Simple knowledge of Opal)
    Minor Air Elemental (Small gust)
    Air Elemental (Big whirlwind)
    Major Air Elemental (Great Tornado)
    Phantom Beast (A powerful, though ephemeral, creature)
    Phantom Warriors (Easily killed, but powerful attackers)

Terrain Types:
    sea (deep water)
    shallows (shallow coastal water and lakes)
    desert (dry open terrain)
    land (open flat or rolling country)

Material Types:
    Gold (Gold)
    Wood (Wood)
    Stone (Stone)
    Mana (Magical power)
    Study (For research)
    Industry (Production)
    Corpses (Used for evil acts)
    X (To keep things alive, like ghosts, which aren't really alive, which is weird.)

    Power Word, Kill (500)
    Summon Iblis (500)
    Summon Lich (500)
    Deathwalk (400)
    Wasteland (400)
    Summon Vampyre (400)
    Labrynthine Riddle (300)
    Gray Breath (300)
    Summon Ghouls (300)
    Seance (200)
    Poltergeist (200)
    Bone Arrows (200)
    Summon Seekers (200)
    Deathtap (100)
    Summon Skeletons (100)
    Nature's Voice (500)
    Summon Leviathan (500)
    Tsunami (500)
    Mountains (400)
    Beguile (400)
    Earthquake (400)
    Deepen (300)
    Shallow (300)
    Oceanic Charm (300)
    Hills (200)
    Plains (200)
    Swamp (200)
    Charm Beast (100)
    Summon Crebain (100)
    Summon Minor Earth Elemental (100)
    Chaos Canticle (500)
    Summon Demon (500)
    The Ordros (500)
    Raise Volcano (400)
    Meteor Shower (400)
    Summon Major Fire Elemental (400)
    Disintegrate (300)
    Wall of Flames (300)
    Summon Fire Elemental (300)
    Summon Hell Hounds (200)
    Fireball (200)
    Flame Strike (100)
    Flame Arrows (100)
    Summon Minor Fire Elemental (100)
    Restoration (500)
    Enlighten (500)
    Doorway (500)
    Spirit Wall (400)
    Summon Major Spirit (400)
    Summon Guardian (400)
    Sunray (300)
    Improved Heal (300)
    Sanctify (300)
    Bless (200)
    Eye of Justice (200)
    Summon Spirits (200)
    Bolt (100)
    Heal (100)
    Summon Minor Spirits (100)
    Phantom Castle (500)
    Greater Charm (500)
    True Divination (500)
    Guards and Wards (400)
    Phantom Beast (400)
    Summon Major Air Elemental (400)
    Prismatic Walls (300)
    Greater Divination (300)
    Summon Air Elemental (300)
    Lightning Bolt (200)
    Charm (200)
    Phantom Warriors (100)
    Divination (100)
    Summon Minor Air Elemental (100)
    First Circle Sorcery (1k)
    Second Circle Sorcery (1k)
    Third Circle Sorcery (1k)
    Fourth Circle Sorcery (1k)
    Fifth Circle Sorcery (1k)
    Fadua Chaos (1k)
    Rem'lith Chaos (1k)
    Utu Chaos (1k)
    Zeem Chaos (1k)
    Pure Chaos (1k)
    First Secret of Nature (1k)
    Second Secret of Nature (1k)
    Third Secret of Nature (1k)
    Fourth Secret of Nature (1k)
    Fifth Secret of Nature (1k)
    The Law of Life (1k)
    The Way of Life (1k)
    The Knowledge of Life (1k)
    The Language of Life (1k)
    The Meaning of Life (1k)
    The Law of Death (1k)
    The Way of Death (1k)
    The Knowledge of Death (1k)
    The Language of Death (1k)
    The Meaning of Death (1k)

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