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----- Magical power -----

Base production: Earth Node:8 Sorcery Node:8 Chaos Node:8 Life Node:8 Death Node:8 Bless:3

Base consumption: Power Word, Kill:2 Deathwalker:2 Wasteland:2 Labrynthine Riddle:1 Gray Breath:2 Seance:2 Poltergeist:2 Bone Arrows:2 Deathtap:1 Ghouls:2 Skeletons:2 Vampyres:2 Seekers:2 Iblis:2 Lich:2 Nature's Voice:2 Tsunami:2 Mountain:2 Beguile:2 Earthquake:2 Deep:2 Shallow:2 Oceanic Charm:2 Hill:2 Plains:2 Swamp:2 Charm Beast:2 Minor Earth Elemental:2 Crebain:2 Leviathan:2 Chaos Canticle:2 Volcano:2 Meteor Storm:2 Disintegrate:2 Wall of Flames:1 Fireball:2 Flame Strike:2 Flame Arrow:2 Minor Fire Elemental:2 Fire Elemental:2 Major Fire Elemental:2 Gévaudan:2 The Ordros:2 Demon:2 Restoration:2 Enlighten:2 Doorway:2 Spirit Wall:2 Sunray:2 Improved Heal:2 Sanctify:1 Bless:1 Eye of Justice:1 Bolt:2 Heal:2 Lesser Spirits:2 Spirits:2 Greater Spirit:2 Guardian:2 Phantom Castle:2 Greater Charm:2 True Divination:2 Guards and Wards:1 Prismatic Wall:1 Greater Divination:2 Lightning Bolt:2 Charm:2 Divination:2 Minor Air Elemental:2 Air Elemental:2 Major Air Elemental:2 Phantom Beast:2 Phantom Warriors:2

Storage: Earth Node:200 Sorcery Node:200 Chaos Node:200 Life Node:200 Death Node:200 Ancient Temple:200 Bless:5

Consumption percentage as occupant: (none)

Production as occupant: (none)

ACP to extract: (none)

Minimum required by a unit for the following activities.

To act: (none)

To move: (none)

To attack: (none)

To fire: (none)

In addition to basic consumption.

Consumption per move: (none)

Consumption per attack: (none)

Consumption per fire: (none)

Any unit building another unit,
needs (but does not necessarily use)
the following minimum amounts for the given unit.
Needed to create : (none)

Needed to build : (none)

Any building unit consumes as follows

On creation of: Power Word, Kill:50 Deathwalker:40 Wasteland:50 Labrynthine Riddle:30 Gray Breath:40 Seance:25 Poltergeist:20 Bone Arrows:10 Deathtap:1 Ghouls:35 Skeletons:20 Vampyres:65 Seekers:15 Iblis:100 Lich:75 Nature's Voice:25 Tsunami:40 Mountain:20 Beguile:30 Earthquake:30 Deep:20 Shallow:20 Oceanic Charm:30 Hill:20 Plains:20 Swamp:20 Charm Beast:15 Minor Earth Elemental:20 Earth Elemental:35 Major Earth Elemental:65 Crebain:15 Leviathan:100 Chaos Canticle:100 Volcano:60 Meteor Storm:50 Disintegrate:35 Wall of Flames:20 Fireball:20 Flame Strike:10 Flame Arrow:10 Minor Fire Elemental:20 Fire Elemental:35 Major Fire Elemental:65 Gévaudan:20 The Ordros:100 Demon:75 Restoration:35 Enlighten:50 Doorway:50 Spirit Wall:25 Sunray:25 Improved Heal:25 Sanctify:20 Bless:20 Eye of Justice:5 Bolt:5 Heal:10 Lesser Spirits:20 Spirits:35 Greater Spirit:65 Guardian:40 Phantom Castle:75 Greater Charm:50 True Divination:30 Guards and Wards:20 Prismatic Wall:20 Greater Divination:25 Lightning Bolt:15 Charm:20 Divination:15 Minor Air Elemental:20 Air Elemental:35 Major Air Elemental:65 Phantom Beast:50 Phantom Warriors:10

Per build of: (none)

Any unit repairing other units needs/uses these amounts

To be able to repair : (none)

Consumption per repair of 1 HP for: (none)

Distances that a unit can send or receive this material.
Format is unit:send:receive.
(NB Distances are free of terrain effects)
Earth Node:0:0 Sorcery Node:0:0 Chaos Node:0:0 Life Node:0:0 Death Node:0:0 Ancient Temple:0:0 Power Word, Kill:0:0 Deathwalker:0:0 Wasteland:0:0 Labrynthine Riddle:0:0 Gray Breath:0:0 Seance:0:0 Poltergeist:0:0 Bone Arrows:0:0 Deathtap:0:0 Ghouls:0:0 Skeletons:0:0 Vampyres:0:0 Seekers:0:0 Iblis:0:0 Lich:0:0 Nature's Voice:0:0 Tsunami:0:0 Mountain:0:0 Beguile:0:0 Earthquake:0:0 Deep:0:0 Shallow:0:0 Oceanic Charm:0:0 Hill:0:0 Plains:0:0 Swamp:0:0 Charm Beast:0:0 Minor Earth Elemental:0:0 Crebain:0:0 Leviathan:0:0 Chaos Canticle:0:0 Volcano:0:0 Meteor Storm:0:0 Disintegrate:0:0 Wall of Flames:0:0 Fireball:0:0 Flame Strike:0:0 Flame Arrow:0:0 Minor Fire Elemental:0:0 Fire Elemental:0:0 Major Fire Elemental:0:0 Gévaudan:0:0 The Ordros:0:0 Demon:0:0 Restoration:0:0 Enlighten:0:0 Doorway:0:0 Spirit Wall:0:0 Sunray:0:0 Improved Heal:0:0 Sanctify:0:0 Bless:1:0 Eye of Justice:0:0 Bolt:0:0 Heal:0:0 Lesser Spirits:0:0 Spirits:0:0 Greater Spirit:0:0 Guardian:0:0 Phantom Castle:0:0 Greater Charm:0:0 True Divination:0:0 Guards and Wards:0:0 Prismatic Wall:0:0 Greater Divination:0:0 Lightning Bolt:0:0 Charm:0:0 Divination:0:0 Minor Air Elemental:0:0 Air Elemental:0:0 Major Air Elemental:0:0 Phantom Beast:0:0 Phantom Warriors:0:0

Initial unit quantities at game start:Earth Node:0 Sorcery Node:0 Chaos Node:0 Life Node:0 Death Node:0 Ancient Temple:0 Bless:0

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