Game Setup

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Synthesis done when setting up this game:

Random terrain: (not attempted)
    Terrain types will be vacuum(100) a-planet(1) b-planet(1) c-planet(1) d-planet(1) e-planet(1) f-planet(1) g-planet(1) h-planet(1) i-planet(1) j-planet(1) k-planet(1) l-planet(1) m-planet(1) n-planet(1) star(1).
    Terrain around edge is vacuum.

Countries: (not attempted)
    Minimum terrain in each country: 0 by default, 1 for m-planet.
    Start with: 0 by default, 1 for civ-2.
    Favored terrain:
        civ-2: 0% by default, 100% for m-planet.

Independent units: (not attempted)
    Chance of independent civ-0: 0% by default, 1.80% in m-planet, 1.20% in n-planet, 0.60% in l-planet, 0.20% in h-planet, 0.15% in g-planet.
    Chance of independent civ-1: 0% by default, 1.20% in m-planet, 0.60% in n-planet, 0.40% in l-planet, 0.15% in h-planet, 0.10% in g-planet.
    Chance of independent civ-2: 0% by default, 0.12% in m-planet, 0.06% in n-planet, 0.04% in l-planet, 0.03% in h-planet, 0.02% in g-planet.
    Chance of independent civ-3: 0% by default, 0.01% in m-planet.

Materials: (not attempted)

Names for units: (not attempted)

106 choices in side library.

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