Game Overview

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*** Post-Modern ***

This game includes 26 unit types and 8 terrain types, along with 3 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages are fixed.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    infantry (marches around and captures things)
    armor (faster than infantry, limited to open terrain)
    Special Forces (special infiltration units)
    radar (small device that sees far)
    airlifter (big cargo plane, for moving supplies and troops)
    fighter (interceptor to get those nasty aircraft)
    bomber (long range aircraft, carries infantry and bombs)
    destroyer (fast, cheap, and sinks subs)
    submarine (sneaks around and sinks ships)
    sea mines (sea mine, floats around, sinks shps)
    transport ship (carries units and supplies across the water)
    jeep (trucks and jeeps for moving infantry and supplies)
    mech infantry (infantry in powered armor and AFVs)
    carrier (carries aircraft around)
    spy plane (fast, hard to see spy craft)
    battleship (the most powerful ship)
    missile (powerful explosive, very accurate)
    atomic (nuclear fuel unit, or nuclear bomb)
    engineers (produces things, fights sieges)
    bolo (huge CyberTank - a veritable land battleship)
    land fortifications (holds enemies at bay!)
    bridge (serves as something units can walk over)
    base (airstrip plus port)
    village (small town)
    town (smaller than a city)
    city (capital of a side)

Terrain Types:

Material Types:
    fuel (basic motive power)
    ammo (generic hitting capability)
    people (population, used to stock cities, operate units)

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