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----- open water -----

Represents water or other liquid.
Generic unit capacity is 1.

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
command post:1 82mm M (Mot):1 82mm M:1 engineer platoon(r):1 recon platoon:1 rifle platoon(r):1 guards platoon:1 SMG platoon(r):1 cavalry:1 wagon(r):1 truck(r):1 halftrack(r):1 SU-152:1 SU-76:1 SU-85:1 SU-100:1 JSU-122:1 KV85:1 T-34c:1 T-34/85:1 JS II:1 engineer platoon(g):1 security platoon:1 rifle platoon(g):1 SMG platoon(g):1 wagon(g):1 truck(g):1 halftrack(g):1 SdKfz 234/1:1 Puma:1 SdKfz 234/4:1 Maultier:1 Wespe:1 Hummel:1 Gw 38:1 Wirbelwind:1 Stu H 42:1 Marder III:1 StuG III:1 Hetzer:1 Nashorn:1 Jgd Pz IV:1 Jgd Pz V:1 Jgd Pz VI:1 Lynx:1 PzKpfw IV:1 Panther:1 Tiger I:1 Tiger II:1

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).

The following units vanish in this terrain.
town block minefield command post MG 45mm AT 57mm AT 76mm AT 122mm AT 76mm H 82mm M (Mot) 82mm M 120mm M(r) engineer platoon(r) recon platoon rifle platoon(r) guards platoon SMG platoon(r) cavalry wagon(r) truck(r) halftrack(r) SU-152 SU-76 SU-85 SU-100 JSU-122 KV85 T-34c T-34/85 JS II 50mm AT 75mm AT 88mm AT 20mm F 20mmQUAD F 75mm H 150mm H 81mm M 120mm M(g) engineer platoon(g) security platoon rifle platoon(g) SMG platoon(g) wagon(g) truck(g) halftrack(g) SdKfz 234/1 Puma SdKfz 234/4 Maultier Wespe Hummel Gw 38 Wirbelwind Stu H 42 Marder III StuG III Hetzer Nashorn Jgd Pz IV Jgd Pz V Jgd Pz VI Lynx PzKpfw IV Panther Tiger I Tiger II wreck

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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