Game Overview

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*** Panzers at Magnuszew ***

This game includes 69 unit types and 9 terrain types.
Exactly 2 sides may play.

Side advantages may range from 0 to 3, defaulting to 1.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Game can go for up to 10 turns.
Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    command post
    MG (Russian 12.7mm machine gun)
    45mm AT (Russian 45mm anti-tank)
    57mm AT (Russian 57mm anti-tank)
    76mm AT (Russian 76mm anti-tank)
    122mm AT (Russian 122mm anti-tank - has a long reach)
    76mm H (Russian 76mm howitzer)
    82mm M (Mot) (Russian motorized 82mm mortar)
    82mm M (Russian 82mm mortar)
    120mm M(r) (Russian 120mm mortar - a powerful long-range hitter)
    engineer platoon(r)
    recon platoon
    rifle platoon(r)
    guards platoon
    SMG platoon(r)
    KV85 (Early heavy tank)
    T-34c (The most common type of Russian tank)
    T-34/85 (A better T-34)
    JS II (Heaviest Russian tank, but slow)
    50mm AT (German 50mm anti-tank)
    75mm AT (German 75mm anti-tank)
    88mm AT (German 88mm anti-tank)
    20mm F (German 20mm flak)
    20mmQUAD F (German 20mm quad flak)
    75mm H (German 75mm howitzer)
    150mm H (German 150mm howitzer - hard-hitting but shortish range)
    81mm M (German 81mm mortar)
    120mm M(g) (German 120mm mortar)
    engineer platoon(g) (German engineer platoon)
    security platoon (German security platoon)
    rifle platoon(g) (German rifle platoon)
    SMG platoon(g)
    SdKfz 234/1 (Weak, but fastest unit in the game)
    SdKfz 234/4
    Maultier (Second-deadliest in the game, but very vulnerable)
    Wespe (Longest range in the game, but vulnerable)
    Hummel (Deadliest unit in the game, but vulnerable)
    Gw 38
    Stu H 42
    Marder III
    StuG III
    Nashorn (Longer-range TD)
    Jgd Pz IV
    Jgd Pz V
    Jgd Pz VI
    Lynx (Weak but speedy)
    PzKpfw IV (Most common type of Panzer)
    Panther (All-around best tank)
    Tiger I (Powerful but slow tank)
    Tiger II

Terrain Types:
    water (open water)
    swamp (water, mud and thick vegetation - nearly impassable)
    woods (hinders visibility and combat)
    clear (open flat ground)
    thick-forest (impassable to both wheeled and tracked vehicles)
    road (faster travel for vehicles)

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