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----- produces fuel -----

Units need fuel to move, so building at least one refinery is a high priority.

Side Attributes:

Actions and Action Points (ACP):
    Does not act.

Movement, Movement Points (MP), and Speeds (MP/ACP Ratios):
    Is always immobile.

Hit Points (HP): 20.    Recovers by 1 HP each turn.
Vanishes if in: false by default, true for sea, shallows, ice.
Generic capacity for units is 5.
Relative sizes of occupants: 100 by default, 1 for infantry, armor, engineer.
Construction points (CP): 9.

0% chance to be seen at outset of game.
0% chance to be seen at outset of game if independent.
Not always seen even if terrain has been seen.
Occupants not seen even if unit has been seen.
Chance to see if adjacent is 100% by default, 10% for submarine.

Material Handling:
    fuel, 100 basic production, 200 storage (200 at start of game), send up to 6 cells away
    ammo, 1 (ammo) consumed per attack
    food (none)
Productivity adjustment for terrain is *1.00 by default, *0.20 in desert, mountains, *0.50 in forest, *0.00 in swamp.

Fate if side loses: 100% chance to vanish.

AI Attributes:
    Requires >= 30 accessible, liquid cells to build naval units.
    Requests a total wartime garrison of 1 units.
    Range within which enemies will cause an alert is 6.
    Basic tactical computation range is 12.

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