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"Introductory Game" ("intro") (version "1.0")                    
An introduction to Xconq. Your goal is to explore and take over the world.

-- "stdunit"                    
      base module for standard game
      Notes to "stdunit":
This game is the most commonly played one in Xconq. It represents units of about 1945, from infantry to atomic bombs.
Opinions differ about optimal strategy for this game. In general, blitzkrieg works, and can win the game in a hurry. The problem is to muster enough force before striking. One full troop transport is not enough; the invasion will melt away like ice cream on a hot sidewalk, unless reinforcements (either air or land) show up quickly. Air cover is very important. While building up an invasion force, airborne assaults using bombers and infantry can provide useful diversions, although it can be wasteful of bombers. Human vs human games on a 60x30 world generally last about 100 turns, usually not enough time or units to build atomic bombs or battleships, and not a big enough world to really need carriers, although bases for staging are quite useful.

-- -- "stdterr"                    
            Standard set of terrain types shared by many game designs

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File produced by Xcscribe for Xconq version 7.5pre (July 2004).