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----- for capturing planets, moons, & starbases -----

Point Value: 1

Stormtroopers suffocate in outer space, so don't put them there.

Side Attributes:

Actions and Action Points (ACP):
    Receives basic allotment of 1 new ACP per turn.

Movement, Movement Points (MP), and Speeds (MP/ACP Ratios):
    Uses a minimum of 1 ACP per move.
    Needs MP to enter terrain: 99 into all terrain types.
    MP to enter unit: 1 into all unit types.
    Gets up to 3 free MP if needed to finish a move.

Hit Points (HP): 1.
Construction points (CP): 2.

Can attack (ACP 1 vs all unit types).
Hit chances are 50% vs stormtrooper, moon, planet, 30% vs transport, light cruiser, battlecruiser, starbase, 20% vs dreadnought, 10% vs SF-1 fighter.
Damage is 1 vs all unit types.
Can capture (ACP 0 vs all unit types).
Chance to capture: 0% by default, 50% vs moon, 30% vs planet, 20% vs starbase.
Chance to capture indep: -1% by default, 50% vs starbase, planet, 75% vs moon.
Protection of occupants/transport is *1.00 by default, *0.80 for starbase, moon, planet.

Other Actions:
Can be disbanded (1 ACP).

0% chance to be seen at outset of game.
0% chance to be seen at outset of game if independent.
Not always seen even if terrain has been seen.
Vision effect when occupying: 0 in all unit types.
Occupants not seen even if unit has been seen.

Material Handling:
    photon torpedo (none)
    matter (none)
    anti-matter (none)

Fate if side loses: 100% chance to vanish.

AI Attributes:
    Requires >= 30 accessible, liquid cells to build naval units.
    Requests a total wartime garrison of 1 units.
    Range within which enemies will cause an alert is 6.
    Basic tactical computation range is 12.

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