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"Galaxy 2" ("galaxy2") (version "1.0")                    
Improved Galaxy game by Massimo Campostrini.
Notes to "galaxy2":
Written by Victor Mascari. Copyright 1991, Henry Ware & Victor Mascari.
Please distribute this, rewrite it etc. However, you may not sell it, and this message must remain intact. Of course, if you do any of these things, we will never know.
Converted to version 7 by Stan Shebs. Much altered by Massimo Campostrini. Bugfixed by Keir E. Novik.

Thanks to the writer of the 'Starwars' period for icons and ideas, and to Henry Ware for some icons and technical advice. This period was written by Victor Mascari at The Ohio State University.

Photon torpedos are generally the most effective means of destroying enemy ships; but hold your fire until you have enough for the kill.
Strategy depends upon the size of the map you're playing on. The smaller the map, the smaller the units that should be built. Large maps require big fleets of big ships.
Fleets tend to be the preferred method of warfare. In addition, the person that attacks first usually wins, so gather as much intelligence about the enemy movements as possible, and keep your main battle fleet away from his until you can strike with full force.
Fighting near your planets give a good advantage, since you can resupply your ships with photon torpedos. Starbases also carry extra supplies.
Nebula hide ships 80% of the time, but also slow them down.
The computer is fairly stupid in this period and is fairly easy to defeat. The skills learned to defeat the computer will, in general, not apply to human opponents.

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