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fuels photon torpedos

Base production: transport:3 light cruiser:3 battlecruiser:3 dreadnought:5 death star:30 moon:40 planet:50

Base consumption: photon torpedo:1

Storage: photon torpedo:1 light cruiser:15 battlecruiser:20 dreadnought:30 death star:30 moon:60 planet:90

Consumption percentage as occupant: (none)

Production as occupant: (none)

ACP to extract: (none)

Minimum required by a unit for the following activities.

To act: (none)

To move: (none)

To attack: (none)

To fire: (none)

In addition to basic consumption.

Consumption per move: (none)

Consumption per attack: (none)

Consumption per fire: (none)

Any unit building another unit,
needs (but does not necessarily use)
the following minimum amounts for the given unit.
Needed to create : (none)

Needed to build : (none)

Any building unit consumes as follows

On creation of: photon torpedo:5

Per build of: (none)

Any unit repairing other units needs/uses these amounts

To be able to repair : (none)

Consumption per repair of 1 HP for: (none)

Distances that a unit can send or receive this material.
Format is unit:send:receive.
(NB Distances are free of terrain effects)
photon torpedo:0:0 transport:0:0 light cruiser:0:0 battlecruiser:0:0 dreadnought:0:0 death star:0:0 moon:0:0 planet:0:0

Initial unit quantities at game start:(none)

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