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*** Fantasy and Magic ***

This game includes 34 unit types and 9 terrain types, along with 3 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages are fixed.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    wizard (magician, wielder of awesome magic)
    light infantry (foot soldiers and mercenaries)
    barbarian (rugged, ferocious, lightly armoured warriors)
    heavy infantry (foot soldiers in heavy armour)
    paladin (holy warrior, extremely tough and well equipped)
    longbowmen (archers, scouts, rangers)
    priest (the spiritual guides of the land)
    serfs (mobs of peasant serfs and levies)
    dragon (lays waste to the lands)
    undead (undead warriors, raised by priests or wizards)
    cavalry (knights that ride horses)
    Armageddon spell (spell of awesome destruction)
    lightning (spell good for killing tough things)
    fireball (spell great for causing lots of damage to soft targets)
    mass charm (spell that charms units over to the caster's side!)
    wizard eye (spell for spying on things)
    wagon (wagons, logistical unit)
    flying carpet (magical flying carpet)
    cloudkeep (wizard's floating stronghold)
    sailing ship (for traveling the seas)
    galley (fast, light, not so seaworthy warship)
    wall (fortified walls)
    castle (walled castle)
    tower (mage's fortified tower)
    camp (campsite, practically a mobile village)
    temple (holy place of spiritual power)
    village (small town)
    town (smaller than a city)
    city (large city, capital of a city-state)
    ring of regeneration (magical ring that makes its wearer heal faster)
    crystal ball (magical device that scans the local area)
    ring of protection (protective magical device)
    everfull plate (magical wonder that creates food!)
    amulet of power (generates mana for its wearer)

Terrain Types:

Material Types:
    food (foodstuffs: an army marches on its stomach!)
    mana (magical power)
    metal (steel, metal, manufacturing capacity for armour and weapons)

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