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----- A single Yokosuke D4Y1-C Judy carrier patrol bomber -----

Cruising speed: 230 kt at 3,000 m (265 mph at 9,845 ft)
Maximum speed: 298 kt at 4,750 m (343 mph at 15,585 ft)
Service ceiling: 9,900 m (32,480 ft)
Wing loading: 154.7 kg/sq m (31.7 lb/sq ft)
Power loading: 3 kg/hp (6.7 lb/hp)
Armament: Two fixed 7.7 mm Type 97 machine guns
One flexible 7.92 mm Type 1 machine gun
Maximum range: 2,100 naut miles (2,417 st miles)

Two-seat single inline-engined low-wing monoplane high-tail carrier-based reconnaissance airplane. No armour or fuel tank protection.

Side Attributes:
    Can belong to the following sides: Japan.

Actions and Action Points (ACP):
    Can act until -88 ACP left.
    Receives basic allotment of 88 new ACP per turn.

Movement, Movement Points (MP), and Speeds (MP/ACP Ratios):
    Uses a minimum of 10 ACP per move.
    Needs MP to enter terrain: 10 by default, 20 into mountains, ice, 0 into river.
    MP to enter unit: 200 into all unit types.
    Gets up to 200 free MP if needed to finish a move.

Hit Points (HP): 1.

0% chance to be seen at outset of game.
0% chance to be seen at outset of game if independent.
Not always seen even if terrain has been seen.
Occupants not seen even if unit has been seen.
Chance to see if adjacent is 100% by default, 0% for submarine.

Material Handling:
    fuel, 80 storage (80 at start of game), 8 basic consumption, times 0% if occupant, needs 1 to move, 1 consumed per move
    bombs (none)
    torps (none)

Fate if side loses: 100% chance to vanish.

AI Attributes:
    Requires >= 30 accessible, liquid cells to build naval units.
    Requests a total wartime garrison of 1 units.
    Range within which enemies will cause an alert is 6.
    Basic tactical computation range is 12.

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