Game Overview

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*** Planet Colonization ***

This game includes 25 unit types and 14 terrain types, along with 4 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 1 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages are fixed.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    city (A typical city where sentient lifeforms live)
    arcology (A huge city stacked into a very tall building)
    floating-city (Smaller than a land city, but makes oceans inhabitable)
    radar (Sees things far away)
    spaceport (Builds aircraft)
    settler (Builds cities)
    engineer (Build big facilities)
    infantry (Foot soldiers that capture and/or defend worlds)
    armor (Like infantry, but with tanks)
    rover (Good for ground support, reconnaisance)
    bus (Moves units on land quickly and cheaply, but only across roads)
    transport (The most cost-effective (but slowest) way to cross oceans)
    mothership (Large spacecraft for landing on worlds)
    saucer (Small and fast; moves land units)
    fighter (Moves fast and fights anything)
    orcs (Primitive, warmongering humanoids)
    trolls (Big, slow, unintelligent humanoids)
    spiders (Gigantic and fast insects)
    wolves (Very fast (but weak) canine creatures)
    dragons (Fast, tough, reptilian demon)
    orc-hole (Where the orcs come from)
    troll-cave (Where the trolls come from)
    spider-nest (Where the spiders come from)
    wolf-den (Where the wolves come from)
    dragon-lair (Where the dragons live)

Terrain Types:
    sea (ocean and salt lakes)
    lake (fresh water lake)
    swamp (fresh water swamp)
    salt-marsh (salt marsh)
    desert (sand or rock desert)
    semi-desert (arid semi-desert)
    steppe (steppe)
    plain (flat or rolling grassland)
    forest (forest)
    mountain (mountains or rugged terrain)
    ice (permanent ice fields)

Material Types:
    food (Feeds cities)
    ores (Construction material)
    fuel (Feeds machines)
    ammo (Essential for combat)

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