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----- shallow coastal water and lakes -----

Represents water or other liquid.
Generic unit capacity is 100.
Industry:    Produces 5 and consumes 0 each turn.
Manpower:    Produces 1 and consumes 0 each turn.
mud coats, depths 0 up to 0snow coats, depths 0 up to 0

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.
Army:1 Fleet:2

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
Early Light Artillery:0 Improved Light Artillery:0 Late Light Artillery:0 Early Medium Artillery:0 Improved Medium Artillery:0 Late Medium Artillery:0 Early Heavy Artillery:0 Improved Heavy Artillery:0 Late Heavy Artillery:0 Army:0 Fleet:0 Transport Vessel:0 Wooden Frigate:0 Early Ironclad Ram:0 Early Monitor:0 Late Ironclad Ram:0 Multi-Turret Monitor:0 Mastless Ironclad:0 Early Armored Cruiser:0 Late Armored Cruiser:0 Hulk:0 Observation Balloon:0

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).

The following units vanish in this terrain.
Irregular Militia Division Irregular Cavalry Division Smoothbore Musket Regular Infantry Division Smoothbore Musket Militia Division Smoothbore Musket Cavalry Division Smoothbore Musket Marine Division Rifled Musket Regular Infantry Division Rifled Musket Militia Division Rifled Musket Cavalry Division Rifled Musket Marine Division Repeating Rifle Infantry Division Repeating Rifle Militia Division Repeating Rifle Cavalry Division Repeating Rifle Marine Division Bolt-Action Rifle Infantry Division Bolt-Action Rifle Militia Division Bolt-Action Rifle Cavalry Division Bolt-Action Rifle Marine Division Early Light Artillery Improved Light Artillery Late Light Artillery Early Medium Artillery Improved Medium Artillery Late Medium Artillery Early Heavy Artillery Improved Heavy Artillery Late Heavy Artillery Army Supply Depot town city capital

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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