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*** AD&D Bolo ***

This game includes 73 unit types and 14 terrain types, along with 10 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages are fixed.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    base-1 (Level 1 base)
    base-2 (Level 2 base)
    base-3 (Level 3 base)
    base-4 (Level 4 base)
    base-5 (Level 5 base)
    base-6 (Level 6 base)
    tower (Guards an area with deadly force)
    wall (Impedes enemy movement; very hard to destroy)
    engineer (Builds bases, towers, and walls)
    miner (Lays minefields)
    boat (Carries anything across water, but doesn't defend well)
    carrier (Carries all aircraft except motherships)
    choplifter (Carries anything up to tank-size)
    platform (Carries artillery and supplies into battle)
    mothership (Moves fast and carries anything anywhere)
    tank (Your center of power)
    battledroid (Simple robotic foot-soldiers)
    destroyer (Small, cheap combat-ready boats)
    minesweeper (Safely detonates enemy minefields, but otherwise vulnerable)
    spy-plane (Useful for exploration and spying)
    helicopter (Deadly against ground units)
    bomber (Carries explosives into the heart of the enemy)
    fighter (The best defense against air attacks)
    battleship (The most powerful naval unit)
    submarine (Sneaky underwater craft that blows up transport boats)
    goblin (Small but fast battledroids)
    orc (Larger but slower battledroids)
    ogre (Huge, lumbering battledroids)
    werewolf (Very fast and very deadly)
    spider (Walking rust-inducing machines)
    doppleganger (Illusory battledroids)
    ankheg (Burrowing insectoid robot)
    centipede (Large fighting machine that feeds on enemy metal)
    air (Robotic construct made of air)
    water (Robotic construct made of water)
    earth (Robotic construct made of earth)
    fire (Robotic construct made of fire)
    cacofiend (A battledroid the size of the Empire State Building)
    phoenix (Firey aircraft; resistant to all except cold-based weapons)
    stormcloud (Floating fortress that fires lightning bolts)
    valar (A machine that can create (and destroy) virtually anything)
    dark-valar (A machine built to destroy anything that opposes it)
    zombie (Battledroid built on-the-fly from scrap metals)
    howitzer (Fires huge shells at enemies)
    acid-gun (Sprays acid at enemies)
    flame-gun (Shoots fireballs at enemies)
    lightning-gun (Fires bolts of lightning at enemies)
    frost-gun (Fires extremely cold liquid at enemies)
    pulse-cannon (Repels enemies using a shockwave)
    anti-aircraft (Built to kill aircraft)
    lightning-controller (Directs lightning to strike enemies)
    meteor-controller (Directs meteors to pound enemies into dust)
    hailstorm-controller (Directs large hailstones to bash enemies)
    mine (Explodes when an enemy steps on it)
    rocket (Cruise missile, does heaviest damage to point of impact)
    orb (Slower than a rocket, but twice as deadly)
    acid-ball (Explodes into a ball of deadly acid)
    firebomb (Incinerates virtually anything)
    magma-drill (Burrows into the core of the planet, releases magma onto the battlefield)
    granary (Improves food production)
    refinery (Improves fuel production)
    armory (Improves ammo production)
    acid-factory (Chemical plant that produces refined acid)
    oil-plant (Chemical plant that produces explosive liquids)
    solar-complex (Generates electricity)
    ice-factory (Chemical plant that produces extremely cold liquids)
    lightning-platform (Orbital satellite that creates thunderstorms)
    ice-platform (Orbital satellite that creates hailstorms)
    meteor-platform (Orbital satellite that collects and hurls meteors)
    ruins (Remains of a destroyed base or tower)
    small-wreck (Remains of a destroyed small unit)
    medium-wreck (Remains of a destroyed mid-sized unit)
    large-wreck (Remains of a destroyed large unit)

Terrain Types:
    sea (ocean and salt lakes)
    lake (fresh water lake)
    swamp (fresh water swamp)
    salt-marsh (salt marsh)
    desert (sand or rock desert)
    semi-desert (arid semi-desert)
    steppe (steppe)
    plain (flat or rolling grassland)
    forest (forest)
    mountain (mountains or rugged terrain)
    ice (permanent ice fields)

Material Types:
    fuel (Powers everything)
    ammo (Used by most ranged weapons)
    metal (Used to build everything)
    acid (Dissolves anything except air and water)
    flame (Burns anything except metal)
    electricity (Burns electronics)
    frost (Extinguishes fire, freezes water)
    meteors (Huge boulders that smash anything!)
    scrap (Used to create undead units)
    food (Used to feed and grow bases and towers)

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