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"AD&D Bolo" ("bolodd2") (version "0.1")                    
Tank battles, Dungeons-and-Dragons style. By Lincoln Peters.
Notes to "bolodd2":
This game is loosely based on Bolo (an old tank game for Macintosh), and rebuilt in a high-tech fantasy/adventure setting, where showing any weakness toward an enemy could mean your quick and painful death. The style is that of Dungeons and Dragons, and as such, some units have special kinds of attack mechanisms such as fire and acid, which do varying amounts of damage to different units. The fire robot, for example, can wreak havoc on a water-based unit, whereas a frost cannon could wreak havoc on a fire-based unit, and whereas a ground unit such as a battledroid could easily wreck any piece of artillery if it gets close enough. It is important to colonize, just like in Civ, and it is important to conquer, just like in the Standard game. However, it is foolhardy to put too much focus on either, as a horde of engineers cannot stand up against even a single helicopter, and there are not enough independent bases to effectively use all the land that you might own without building new bases. One strategy is to focus on colonization early in the game, but to focus the efforts of all newly-built and captured bases on military units. Depending on the specific game setup (especially the size of the map), the big show-down will likely be a great battle in which each side throws countless units of wondrous power against each other. Of course, they must also guard their borders well, or risk that a surprise attack will capture their undefended homeland. It is impossible to acurately predict the outcome of any battle. Of course, the odds could be heavily in favor of one side, depending on what kind of units are fighting each other (e.g. goblins vs. cacofiends), but there is almost always a chance that the underdog will prevail. The only known exception to this rule is if one side runs out of ammo. There are countless strategies that one could use in this game, many of which I am so far unaware of. If anyone wants to create a strategy guide for this game, please let me know. The AI (as of January 2003) is incredibly bad at this game, and often fails to do any colonization, even if it builds a horde of engineers and no military! For the best gaming experience, be sure to play against a human opponent. WARNING: This game will NOT work properly if played on any version of Xconq prior to 7.5! -- Lincoln Peters (

-- "ng-swedish"                    
      (no description)

-- "ng-features"                    
      (no description)

-- -- "ng-weird"                    
            Generates random weird names

-- "advterr"                    
      Set of terrain types used for advances games

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