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----- thick forest or jungle -----

Generic unit capacity is 16.

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.
Infantry:2 Paratroopers:2 AA Battery:3 Germinator:2 Engineers:2 Cargo Planes:1 Fighters:1 Escort Fighters:1 Dive Bombers:1 Torp Bombers:1 Bombers:1 Spy Planes:1 Minefield:1

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
Infantry:0 Paratroopers:0 AA Battery:0 Germinator:0 Engineers:0 Sea Transports:0 Torpedo Boats:0 Patrol Ship:0 Destroyer:0 Frigate:0 Cruiser:0 Command Cruiser:0 Battleship:0 Escort Carrier:0 Light Carrier:0 Fleet Carrier:0 Submarine:0 Cargo Planes:0 Fighters:0 Escort Fighters:0 Dive Bombers:0 Torp Bombers:0 Bombers:0 Spy Planes:0

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).
Infantry:*1.50 Mech Infantry:*1.50 Cavalry:*1.50 Armor:*1.50 Marines:*1.50 Paratroopers:*1.50 Artillery:*1.50 AA Battery:*1.50 Field HQ:*1.50 Germinator:*1.50 Engineers:*1.50

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).
Ruins:*0.25 Town:*0.25 City:*0.25 Grand Citadel:*0.25 Metropolis:*0.25 Capitol:*0.25 Fortifications:*0.25 Base:*0.25 Sea Base:*0.25 Infantry:*0.25 Mech Infantry:*0.25 Cavalry:*0.25 Armor:*0.25 Marines:*0.25 Paratroopers:*0.25 Artillery:*0.25 AA Battery:*0.25 Field HQ:*0.25 Germinator:*0.25 Engineers:*0.25

The following units vanish in this terrain.
Sea Mines

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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