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*** Bellum Aeternum ***

This game includes 42 unit types and 12 terrain types, along with 10 material types.
Number of sides to play may range from 2 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages may range from 1 to 0, defaulting to 1.

Terrain view is always accurate once seen.

Sides move simultaneously.

Unit Types:
    Ruins (The gutted remnants of a town or city.)
    Town (Small city.)
    City (Medium city.)
    Grand Citadel (Special fortified city.)
    Metropolis (Large city.)
    Capitol (Governing metropolis.)
    Fortifications (Trenches, pillboxes, small bunkers, earthworks, etc....)
    Base (Command center, depot, staging point, et cetera.)
    Sea Base (Shipyard and naval command center.)
    Infantry (Marches and fights on land. Captures. Entrenches.)
    Mech Infantry (Infantry with APC's, half-tracks, and light artillery.)
    Cavalry (Light armor, plus other fighting vehicles and scouts.)
    Armor (A whole bunch of badass tanks.)
    Marines (Likes making a splash. Captures. Entrenches.)
    Paratroopers (Likes jumping out of aircraft. Captures.)
    Artillery (Howitzers and heavy field cannon.)
    AA Battery (Light field cannon and anti-aircraft weapons.)
    Field HQ (Mobile command and control center.)
    Germinator (Harvests settlers. Seeds new towns and citadels.)
    Engineers (Builds and repairs bases. Removes minefields.)
    Shipwreck (A ruined or beached ship.)
    Sea Transports (Carries land units to foreign shores.)
    Torpedo Boats (Attempts to torpedo larger vessels. Can also deploy mines.)
    Patrol Ship (Patrols. Lays and sweeps mines.)
    Destroyer (Escorts other ships. Hunts subs, small ships, and boats.)
    Frigate (A frigate or light cruiser. Escorts other ships.)
    Cruiser (A heavy cruiser or battle cruiser.)
    Command Cruiser (A command and control ship.)
    Battleship (The king of warships.)
    Escort Carrier (Carries, at most, 1 wing of light warplanes.)
    Light Carrier (Carries up to 3 wings of light warplanes.)
    Fleet Carrier (Carries up to 6 wings of light warplanes.)
    Submarine (Sneaks around underwater and destroys ships.)
    Cargo Planes (Carries supplies all over. Drops paratroopers and SF men.)
    Fighters (Intercepts air units. Strafes land units.)
    Escort Fighters (Escorts cargo planes and long-range bombers.)
    Dive Bombers (Performs pinpoint bombing on land and sea targets.)
    Torp Bombers (Attempts to torpedo naval units.)
    Bombers (Drops lots of bombs but with only moderate accuracy.)
    Spy Planes (Provides high altitude surveilance.)
    Minefield (Blows up personnel and vehicles on land.)
    Sea Mines (Blows up ships.)

Terrain Types:
    sea (deep salt water)
    coastal waters (salt water on a continental shelf)
    lake (freshwater lake)
    swamp (damp, muddy regions)
    forest (thick forest or jungle)
    plains (open flat or rolling grasslands)
    mountains (mountains and large hills)
    desert (burning desert or barren tundra)
    glaciers (slippery frozen terrain)
    barrier (impenetrable barrier)
    river (flows across pieces of land terrain)
    road (runs between towns and cities)

Material Types:
    c (Command and Control. Somewhat abstract quantity.)
    f1 (Fuel. Combusted by engines to perform work.)
    f2 (Fuel. Combusted by engines to perform work.)
    r (Recruits. Young people who are willing to die for your cause.)
    v (Pilots. Trained military aviators.)
    h (Settlers. The foundation for new towns.)
    e (Equipment. Guns, radar, radios, etc....)
    m (Vehicles. Trucks, tanks, bulldozers, planes, etc....)
    s (Supplies. Food and drink, oil, grease, parts, etc....)
    p (City Points. Abstract measure of population and development.)

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