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"Bellum Aeternum" ("bellum") (version "1.0.20 Beta")                    
This is a world conquest game. Command and control has a strong impact on its play. A large variety of unit types are available. (Developed by Eric McDonald)
Notes to "bellum":
The philosophy of Bellum Aeternum is to simulate certain aspects of modern warfare, such as the importance of command and control and air supremacy, while providing fun game play. However, supply lines are very liberal, and hence the game does not require the player to become a quartermaster or shipping clerk.
Still, one must pay attention to the amount of the abstract command and control supply (supply type 'c') that is getting to one's units. Those units which produce command and control should be protected to prevent a drought of this supply. If a side does not have enough command and control, it will start to become paralyzed. Units will start running out of moves early and will not always be able to attack.
Towns are the most prolific type of city unit at the start of a game. Although they are many in quantity, they lack the ability to produce sea and air units. One may still produce those units in larger city units. They may also be produced in naval and air bases. But because towns are initially the most numerous producer type, there is a definite bias towards the production of ground forces. Air units, however, are extremely mobile and things such as dive bombers are incredibly lethal. The wise player will probably want to gain air supremacy, and this will require a concerted effort on his/her part.
Other things of note are germinators, engineers, and mines. Germinators collect settlers, and once they have a sufficient quantity, they will be able to build new towns, or a special type of military industrial center called a 'grand citadel'. Engineers can lay mine fields and build forts and both types of bases. Both minefields on land and flotillas of mines at sea are available.
Bugs, criticisms, and suggestions to mcdonald at phy dot cmich dot edu. Have fun.

-- "uu-bellum"                    
      Standard unit-unit interactions for the Bellum Aeternum games.

-- -- "u-bellum"                    
            Standard set of units for the Bellum Aeternum games.

-- -- -- "t-bellum"                    
                  Terrain and materials for the Bellum Aeternum games.

-- -- -- "ng-features"                    
                  (no description)

-- -- -- -- "ng-weird"                    
                        Generates random weird names

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