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----- high impassable mountains -----

Generic unit capacity is 4.

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.
catapult:1 ballista:1 fishing-boat:1 transport:1 galley:1 trireme:1 catapult-trireme:1 elephant:1 crocodile:1 lion:1

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
villager:0 clubman:0 axeman:0 swordsman:0 hoplite:0 phalanx:0 legion:0 horseman:0 cavalry:0 war-elephant:0 chariot:0 archer:0 composite-archer:0 horse-archer:0 elephant-archer:0 chariot-archer:0 shaman:0 priest:0 messiah:0 catapult:0 ballista:0 fishing-boat:0 transport:0 galley:0 trireme:0 catapult-trireme:0 wall:0 watch tower:0 ballista tower:0 berry-bushes:0 antelope:0 elephant:0 crocodile:0 lion:0 carcass:0 skeleton:0

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).

The following units vanish in this terrain.
villager clubman axeman swordsman hoplite phalanx legion horseman cavalry war-elephant chariot archer composite-archer horse-archer elephant-archer chariot-archer shaman priest messiah catapult ballista fishing-boat transport galley trireme catapult-trireme wall watch tower ballista tower village granary treasury market farm barracks stable workshop shipyard temple palace forum berry-bushes antelope elephant crocodile lion fish carcass skeleton stone-deposits copper-deposits iron-deposits gold-deposits

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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