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----- Construction Crew -----

Point Value: 1

Sappers as a separate branch of the armed services first appeared with Alexander and was fully developed in Roman times. They were used both for military siege work and civilian tasks such as road and bridge construction.

Side Attributes:

Actions and Action Points (ACP):
    Receives basic allotment of 2 new ACP per turn.
    Allowed 1 free ACP to complete an action.

Movement, Movement Points (MP), and Speeds (MP/ACP Ratios):
    Uses a minimum of 1 ACP per move.
    Needs MP to enter terrain: 99 into sea, lake, ice, road, ford, 1 into desert, semi-desert, steppe, plain, forest, river, 2 into swamp, salt-marsh, mountain.
    Needs MP to traverse terrain: -1 by default, 99 across river, 1 across road.
    Gets up to 1 free MP if needed to finish a move.

Hit Points (HP): 2.
Construction points (CP): 10.

ACP to create: 0 by default, 1 for Siege Ramp.
ACP to build: 0 by default, 1 for Siege Ramp.
Can build at own location.

Material Handling:
    Food (none)
    Ores (none)
    Ideas (none)

Required advances to build: Road Building.

Fate if side loses: 100% chance to vanish.

AI Attributes:
    Requires >= 30 accessible, liquid cells to build naval units.
    Requests a total wartime garrison of 1 units.
    Range within which enemies will cause an alert is 6.
    Basic tactical computation range is 12.

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