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*** Ancient Near East ***

This game includes 38 unit types and 14 terrain types, along with 3 material types, and it has 121 types of advances.
Number of sides to play may range from 9 to 15, defaulting to 2.

Side advantages may range from 1 to 5, defaulting to 1.

Everything is always seen by all sides.

Sides move sequentially, in priority order.

Unit Types:
    Colonizers (Settler Unit)
    Corvees (Forced Labour)
    Sappers (Construction Crew)
    Donkey Train (Caravan of Donkeys)
    Caravan (Camel Train)
    Warrior Band (Ancient Fighters)
    Spearmen (Spears with Shields)
    Swordmen (Men with Iron Swords)
    Slingers (Sling Throwers)
    Archers (Bowmen)
    Horsemen (Archers on Horseback)
    Cavalry (Horsemen with Lances)
    Elephants (Archer Platform)
    War Carts (Javelin Platform)
    Chariots (Archers on Wheels)
    Battering Ram (Gate Breaker)
    Siege Tower (Tower on Wheels)
    Ballista (Giant Crossbow)
    Onager (Big Catapult)
    Siege Ramp (Artificial Mountain)
    Reed Boat (Primitive Ship)
    Longship (Ship of Ulysses)
    Barge (Transport Ship)
    Bireme (Two Rows of Oars)
    Trireme (Three Rows of Oars)
    Phalanx (Heavy Infantry)
    Legion (Roman Legion)
    Tribe (Nomadic Community)
    Village (Minor Settlement)
    City (Major Settlement)
    City Walls
    Scribal School

Terrain Types:
    sea (ocean and salt lakes)
    lake (fresh water lake)
    swamp (fresh water swamp)
    salt-marsh (salt marsh)
    desert (sand or rock desert)
    semi-desert (arid semi-desert)
    steppe (steppe)
    plain (flat or rolling grassland)
    forest (forest)
    mountain (mountains or rugged terrain)
    ice (permanent ice fields)

Material Types:

    Barley (Ancient Cereal)
    Carpentry (Woodcraft)
    Charcoal Burning
    Clay Tokens (Inscribed Clay Beads)
    Einkorn Wheat (Diplod Wheat)
    Elders Council
    Mud Bricks
    The Shaman
    The Sheep
    The Donkey
    Emmer Wheat (Tetraploid Wheat)
    The Harness
    The Kiln
    The Loom
    Potter's Wheel
    The Spindle
    Tribal Law
    The Village
    The Yoke
    The Assembly
    The Furnace
    Herbal Lore
    The Horse
    The Market
    The Pulley
    The Shrine
    The Sledge
    Modern Wheat (Hexaploid Wheat)
    Wooden Plow
    Solid Wheel
    The Camel
    Copper Melting
    Cylinder Seal
    Land Survey
    The Merchant
    River Transport
    The Saddle
    The Temple Estate
    The Wagon
    Book Keeping
    The Border
    The Contract
    The Elephant
    The Ensi
    The Forge
    The Leasehold
    Map Making
    Omen Books
    The Scribe
    The Spoked Wheel
    The City State
    Code of Laws
    The Foundry
    The Letter
    Court of Law
    Road Building
    The Bit (Advanced bridle for horses)
    Elected Council
    The Republic

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