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(a border type)
Generic unit capacity is 4.

Units able to enter, with given MP cost.
Settlers:1 Prince Faramir:1 Wizard Radagast:1 Wizard Saruman:1 Archers:1 Hobbit Merry:1 Pikemen:1 Elves:1 Orcs:1 Elf Legolas:1 Hobbits:1 Lord Elrond:1 Queen Galadriel:1 Spiders:1 Easterlings:1 Wainriders:1 Mumakil:1 Haradrim:1 Knights:1 Dunedain:1 Riders:1 Monster Shelob:1 Eagle Gwaihir:1 Trolls:1 Olog-Hai:1 Uruk-Hai:1 Witch King:1 Wizard Gandalf:1 Eagle:1 Nazgul:1 King Theoden:1 Balrog:1 Creep Gollum:1 Spy Birds:1 Hobbit Frodo:1 Hobbit Sam:1 Dwarves:1 Dwarf Gimli:1 King Aragorn:1 Prince Boromir:1 Prince Eomer:1 Undead:1 Hobbit Pippin:1 Spy Wormtongue:1 Princess Eowyn:1 Lord Sauron:1 Dragon:1 Wolves:1 Battering Ram:1 Spy:1 Rangers:1 Ent-Lord Treebeard:1 Ents:1 Catapult:1 Grond:1

Units able to leave, with given MP cost.
Settlers:0 Prince Faramir:0 Wizard Radagast:0 Wizard Saruman:0 Archers:0 Hobbit Merry:0 Pikemen:0 Elves:0 Orcs:0 Elf Legolas:0 Hobbits:0 Lord Elrond:0 Queen Galadriel:0 Spiders:0 Easterlings:0 Wainriders:0 Mumakil:0 Haradrim:0 Knights:0 Dunedain:0 Riders:0 Monster Shelob:0 Eagle Gwaihir:0 Trolls:0 Olog-Hai:0 Uruk-Hai:0 Witch King:0 Wizard Gandalf:0 Eagle:0 Nazgul:0 Longboat:0 King Theoden:0 Balrog:0 Creep Gollum:0 Spy Birds:0 Hobbit Frodo:0 Hobbit Sam:0 Dwarves:0 Dwarf Gimli:0 King Aragorn:0 Prince Boromir:0 Prince Eomer:0 Undead:0 Ring of Power:0 Hobbit Pippin:0 Spy Wormtongue:0 Princess Eowyn:0 Lord Sauron:0 Dragon:0 Wolves:0 Battering Ram:0 Spy:0 Galley:0 Rangers:0 Ent-Lord Treebeard:0 Ents:0 Dromund:0 Catapult:0 Grond:0

An attacker in this terrain, attacking the given units,
has the following multiplier, ( > 1 = advantage).

A defender in this terrain,
has the following multiplier, ( < 1 = advantage).

The following units vanish in this terrain.

The following units wreck in this terrain.

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