Chapter 28. A collection of standard string functions

Table of Contents

function::isdigit — Checks for a digit
function::isinstr — Returns whether a string is a substring of another string
function::str_replace — str_replace Replaces all instances of a substring with another
function::stringat — Returns the char at a given position in the string
function::strlen — Returns the length of a string
function::strtol — strtol - Convert a string to a long
function::substr — Returns a substring
function::text_str — Escape any non-printable chars in a string
function::text_strn — Escape any non-printable chars in a string
function::tokenize — Return the next non-empty token in a string

Functions to get the length, a substring, getting at individual characters, string seaching, escaping, tokenizing, and converting strings to longs.