Chapter 14. Socket Tapset

Table of Contents

function::inet_get_ip_source — Provide IP source address string for a kernel socket
function::inet_get_local_port — Provide local port number for a kernel socket
function::sock_fam_num2str — Given a protocol family number, return a string representation
function::sock_fam_str2num — Given a protocol family name (string), return the corresponding protocol family number
function::sock_prot_num2str — Given a protocol number, return a string representation
function::sock_prot_str2num — Given a protocol name (string), return the corresponding protocol number
function::sock_state_num2str — Given a socket state number, return a string representation
function::sock_state_str2num — Given a socket state string, return the corresponding state number
probe::socket.aio_read — Receiving message via sock_aio_read
probe::socket.aio_read.return — Conclusion of message received via sock_aio_read
probe::socket.aio_write — Message send via sock_aio_write
probe::socket.aio_write.return — Conclusion of message send via sock_aio_write
probe::socket.close — Close a socket
probe::socket.close.return — Return from closing a socket
probe::socket.create — Creation of a socket
probe::socket.create.return — Return from Creation of a socket
probe::socket.readv — Receiving a message via sock_readv
probe::socket.readv.return — Conclusion of receiving a message via sock_readv
probe::socket.receive — Message received on a socket.
probe::socket.recvmsg — Message being received on socket
probe::socket.recvmsg.return — Return from Message being received on socket
probe::socket.send — Message sent on a socket.
probe::socket.sendmsg — Message is currently being sent on a socket.
probe::socket.sendmsg.return — Return from socket.sendmsg.
probe::socket.writev — Message sent via socket_writev
probe::socket.writev.return — Conclusion of message sent via socket_writev

This family of probe points is used to probe socket activities. It contains the following probe points: