Chapter 8. Scheduler Tapset

Table of Contents

probe::scheduler.balance — A cpu attempting to find more work.
probe::scheduler.cpu_off — Process is about to stop running on a cpu
probe::scheduler.cpu_on — Process is beginning execution on a cpu
probe::scheduler.ctxswitch — A context switch is occuring.
probe::scheduler.kthread_stop — A thread created by kthread_create is being stopped
probe::scheduler.kthread_stop.return — A kthread is stopped and gets the return value
probe::scheduler.migrate — Task migrating across cpus
probe::scheduler.process_exit — Process exiting
probe::scheduler.process_fork — Process forked
probe::scheduler.process_free — Scheduler freeing a data structure for a process
probe::scheduler.process_wait — Scheduler starting to wait on a process
probe::scheduler.signal_send — Sending a signal
probe::scheduler.tick — Schedulers internal tick, a processes timeslice accounting is updated
probe::scheduler.wait_task — Waiting on a task to unschedule (become inactive)
probe::scheduler.wakeup — Task is woken up
probe::scheduler.wakeup_new — Newly created task is woken up for the first time

This family of probe points is used to probe the task scheduler activities. It contains the following probe points: