Chapter 31. Network File Storage Tapsets

Table of Contents

function::nfsderror — Convert nfsd error number into string
probe::nfs.aop.readpage — NFS client synchronously reading a page
probe::nfs.aop.readpages — NFS client reading multiple pages
probe::nfs.aop.release_page — NFS client releasing page
probe::nfs.aop.set_page_dirty — NFS client marking page as dirty
probe::nfs.aop.write_begin — NFS client begin to write data
probe::nfs.aop.write_end — NFS client complete writing data
probe::nfs.aop.writepage — NFS client writing a mapped page to the NFS server
probe::nfs.aop.writepages — NFS client writing several dirty pages to the NFS server
probe::nfs.fop.aio_read — NFS client aio_read file operation
probe::nfs.fop.aio_write — NFS client aio_write file operation
probe::nfs.fop.check_flags — NFS client checking flag operation
probe::nfs.fop.flush — NFS client flush file operation
probe::nfs.fop.fsync — NFS client fsync operation
probe::nfs.fop.llseek — NFS client llseek operation
probe::nfs.fop.lock — NFS client file lock operation
probe::nfs.fop.mmap — NFS client mmap operation — NFS client file open operation — NFS client read operation
probe::nfs.fop.release — NFS client release page operation
probe::nfs.fop.sendfile — NFS client send file operation
probe::nfs.fop.write — NFS client write operation
probe::nfs.proc.commit — NFS client committing data on server
probe::nfs.proc.commit_done — NFS client response to a commit RPC task
probe::nfs.proc.commit_setup — NFS client setting up a commit RPC task
probe::nfs.proc.create — NFS client creating file on server
probe::nfs.proc.handle_exception — NFS client handling an NFSv4 exception
probe::nfs.proc.lookup — NFS client opens/searches a file on server — NFS client allocates file read/write context information — NFS client synchronously reads file from server
probe::nfs.proc.read_done — NFS client response to a read RPC task
probe::nfs.proc.read_setup — NFS client setting up a read RPC task
probe::nfs.proc.release — NFS client releases file read/write context information
probe::nfs.proc.remove — NFS client removes a file on server
probe::nfs.proc.rename — NFS client renames a file on server
probe::nfs.proc.write — NFS client synchronously writes file to server
probe::nfs.proc.write_done — NFS client response to a write RPC task
probe::nfs.proc.write_setup — NFS client setting up a write RPC task
probe::nfsd.close — NFS server closing a file for client
probe::nfsd.commit — NFS server committing all pending writes to stable storage
probe::nfsd.create — NFS server creating a file(regular,dir,device,fifo) for client
probe::nfsd.createv3 — NFS server creating a regular file or set file attributes for client
probe::nfsd.dispatch — NFS server receives an operation from client
probe::nfsd.lookup — NFS server opening or searching file for a file for client — NFS server opening a file for client
probe::nfsd.proc.commit — NFS server performing a commit operation for client
probe::nfsd.proc.create — NFS server creating a file for client
probe::nfsd.proc.lookup — NFS server opening or searching for a file for client — NFS server reading file for client
probe::nfsd.proc.remove — NFS server removing a file for client
probe::nfsd.proc.rename — NFS Server renaming a file for client
probe::nfsd.proc.write — NFS server writing data to file for client — NFS server reading data from a file for client
probe::nfsd.rename — NFS server renaming a file for client
probe::nfsd.unlink — NFS server removing a file or a directory for client
probe::nfsd.write — NFS server writing data to a file for client

This family of probe points is used to probe network file storage functions and operations.